Kathy Corbit

Nail Expert


Kathy Corbit has been serving the CDA/Hayden/Rathdrum area for over 30 years. She is well known for her talent as a nail tech, but she is memorable for her 2 1/2" inch long fingernails. When you meet her you will most certainly ask yourself (and her) how she functions with them! After 30 years with them...how would she function WITHOUT them??

Kathy is always upbeat and more often than not has a crazy story to tell. When she's not at the salon making the world a more glittery place, she can be found on her Harley, hitting the casino or spending time with her family, husband, kids and grandkids.

Book an appointment with Kathy and you will not only have amazing nails but you'll also see firsthand just how she manages to work with those legendary acrylic nails of hers!